Summary of 2021 results


Accomplishments in 2021

Flaregate intentionally sought out Not For Profit organizations to partner with for disbursement and sale of LED flares for the inaugural year of our business.

NPO organizations have been instrumental in replacing over 20,000 chemical flares on lakes and bays, who conduct Ring of Fire, Wall of Fire and other celebrations, usually for the Fourth of July or Labor Day.

These environmentally motivated organizations include Honeoye Valley Association, Silver Lake Association, Chautauqua Lake Association, Skaneateles Lake Association, Indian Lake Watershed, Save our Sodus Bay & Little Sodus Bay Association (Lake Ontario), Canandaigua Lake Watershed Association, Keuka Lake Association, Owasco Lake Watershed Management, Seneca Lake Purewaters.

The “profit sharing” benefit garnered for their efforts totaled over $56,000  !!!!

A significant portion of the profit-sharing money was generously donated by the Wegmans Corporation.


Thank you Greg for all of your enthusiasm, support, and determination.  As I just typed to Adam,     Bob Wegman always said “good people working together could accomplish anything they set out to do”.  He was so right especially with this project.  We look forward to working with the Lake/Bay watersheds again to help protect the watersheds.  



Linda R. Lovejoy

Community Relations Manager

Wegmans Food Markets


The remainder of the profit-sharing funds were provided through the direct sale of flares at Indian Lake and the 2 Sodus Bay groups.


Looking forward to the 2022 season, in addition to the nine Wegmans stores who participated last year, we are solidifying an agreement with several Finger Lakes Area Lions Clubs affiliates of Lions Club International to purchase and distribute flares for fundraising.

Bill Williams from the Rushville Lions International is spearheading this project.

A Note from PCC Bill Williams  …


I am introducing a new fund-raising opportunity for all Lions Clubs in District 20E2. I talked about this at our Cabinet Meeting in April. Since that time, the first cycle of introducing an alternative to chemical flares has been completed. Mr. Talomie is proposing that going forward he would like to work exclusively with the Lions in placing the LED flares for sale in our local communities.


I know the first question that will pop up is how much this will cost our club to get involved. As with any fund- raising project your club does, there is always a cost associated with it. Clubs that have been involved in the Lions Mint project or Broom Sales would have experience in this. We will need to coordinate this and put all clubs together in placing an order for the LED Flares. Mr. Talomie believes he can provide product to us that will allow $1.25 - $1.95 per flare profit. In order to activate this project, we will need to figure out the number of flares and be able to put down a 1/3 deposit at the time of ordering and full payment when delivered to the club.